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Choosing The Right And Most Suitable Appliances For Your Kitchen

If you are someone who loves your kitchen and has a passion for cooking, then we are sure that choosing the most appropriate appliances or gadgets for your kitchen will tend to occupy most of your attention. Choosing the best-suited tools, gadgets and utensils for your culinary style, cooking frequency, budget, and kitchen space available are some of the things that you may be considering before purchasing a kitchen device.

General considerations when making a major kitchen appliance purchase:

  • Research and Understand -Do not go by Impulse: Do your homework well before you purchase any major kitchen appliance. Or else, you may end up with a typical buyer’s remorse. Be smart, gather information, speak to friends, and read reviews online, to learn more about the products and brands you have in mind and try not making an impulsive purchase for high-budget items. Learn to read the fine print of any appliance owners’ and usage manual
  • Utility: Understand your needs and decide whether the appliances in question are of use and real value to you. There’s no point in purchasing expensive gadgets used by seasoned chefs when you hardly cook; or buy something popular because it’s cheap when you can and conveniently whip up a full-course meal made from scratch; in such a scenario, it makes more sense to invest in good-quality and probably expensive gadgets which will make the cooking process simpler and the experience delightful.
  • Budget Priorities: Fix a budget as per your means and try to stick to it. Compare the brands and models and if you are on a tight budget, learn to prioritise.
  • Space Considerations: Choose any size and shape of your favourite kitchen device essentials that fit the space available in your kitchen without cluttering it. Buy as per need and utility and look for devices that suit the vessels and utensils in your home.
  • Go by necessity and convenience first: Make a list of what to buy. Buy those that are necessary first, rather than something which is good-looking and seems to catch your fancy now.
  • Warranty and Service Considerations: Check for warranty, after-sale service and maintenance and lastly learn to negotiate to get great deals.

The above are general considerations for any major kitchen appliance that is to be bought. Let us now look at some guidelines to be kept in mind when purchasing individual models of some of the major kitchen appliances.

Refrigerator: When you are renovating or setting up a new kitchen it’s not just the budget, the model, brand, and space alone that must be considered. Check for the door opening and the kitchen layout. Refrigerators come in various configurations such as side-by-side, single door with either top-mounted or bottom-mounted freezer section. The styling, features, cooling functions, and energy-efficiency improve from the mid-range to the top-end models.

Countertop Kitchen Appliances: When going in for small appliances like blenders, coffee machines, toasters, stand mixers, food processors and the like, always keep in mind your kitchen needs, the size of the kitchen counter, your lifestyle and choose only those counter top appliances that make your cooking rendezvous more convenient and less time consuming.

Kitchen Cooktops: Choosing a cooktop is an all-important activity. There is always the choice between a cooktop and a walled oven or an all-comprising cooking range; the choice always depends on the size and budget of your kitchen. Go by your budget and kitchen layout. The choice of the cooktop should be the primary consideration apart from the other appliances that need to occupy a place on the countertop. There is also the consideration of a gas-based or electric cooktop to buy along with the ventilation that needs to be used with your cooking range. The budget range, the size of the cooktop, the burner style, power and controls need to be determined plus the suitability of your choice to your kitchen.

Ovens (Built-in vs. Stand-alone): If it’s a built-in oven, it comes with your cooking range. The size will depend on your kitchen size and the choice of your range. However, if you are going in for a walled oven or a separate unit ascertain your budget, space available in the kitchen and the functions and features that you are looking for in an oven.

Ventilation Hoods: These are a necessary part of the modern kitchen to remove odour, dust and grime from your cooktop. An overhead exhaust could suit you well if you have a very busy kitchen. In the absence of overhead exhaust look for a ventilating system with downdraft system. These hoods use electricity, be sure to choose one with a good suction capacity.